Not moving is not a option. Everything that's alive moves. The question is: how well do we move?

You can master many specific techniques, but at what point do they all meet? What a dancer and a boxer have in common? What's the general principle, what is the soul that makes any specific ability alive? They all breathe MOVEMENT.

Movement practice under a generalist approach is wider than specific techniques. In our classes, we rescue back most of the abilities that make us human, but somehow get lost along the way of growing up: strength, mobility, agility, sense of rhythm, improvisation, coordination, ability to solve problems, to play and even to do nothing.  

Our goal is to create a inviting environment for a broad, complex and honest Movement practice, which serves the student not only from the technical, physical or performatic perspective, but which is also a tool for self-observance, knowledge and self-control. We want you to reach the potencial you were designed to hold from birth: move. The only pre-requisite is to be willing to work hard.

We are inspired by the Movement practice method of our teacher IDO PORTAL.

We are part of a worldwide community of movers, for whom we have huge respect and admiration. Welcome to the MOVEMENT CULTURE.

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Ju and Vicente are the teachers and founders of VERTEBRA,

first Ido Portal inspired Movement school in Rio de Janeiro.

They practice together since 2016 and are extremely complementary

at their Movement teachings.


JU was a student of Ido's and Johnny Sapinoso's online coaching program since 2016. Attended to Movement X in 2015, Juggernaut in 2018 and European Movement Meeting in 2018 and 2019. She also follows her improvisation studies on Ohad Naharin's Gaga method. During 2020-2021, Ju attended to classes and workshops from James Wilton Company, Vasko Nasonov, Vitor Hamamoto and  our lovely friends from Movement Lisboa. On her background: over a decade of classical and contemporary dance, former circus aerialist and curious hand balancer. Also taught yoga for almost 10 years – she keeps this personal practice as a form of stillness exploration.


VICENTE é contramestre do grupo Senzala de capoeira, e capoeirista há mais de 20 anos. Já praticou todo tipo de esporte, do baseball à ginástica olímpica, do circo à dança contemporânea. Seu primeiro contato com o Ido Portal foi através de videos na internet em 2013;

e desde então pratica Movimento sob seu método. Participou do Motion em 2017, e do Juggernaut em 2018.

VICENTE is contramestre at Senzala capoeira group, and has been practicing capoeira for over 20 years (and counting). On his background, he had contact with all kinds of sports since childhood. His first interaction with Ido Portal's work was from a Youtube video in 2013 –since then, Vicente has been studying under his method. He was part of the body of students at Motion, in 2016 and Juggernaut in 2018.



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